ON THIS DATE (May 19) Beatles: Paperback Writer / Rain Video shoots

May 19, 1966
On May 19 and 20 The Beatles film / videotape four song promo films for Paperback Writer and three song promo films for Rain. Two of the Paperback Writer promos are in color, the other two in black and white. Two Rain promos are in color and one in black and white. The color promos are for the US market, where color television broadcasting is being done, but the UK is still restricted to black and white only, and so the black and white films are for UK broadcast. Filming on May 19 is done in the studio (Studio One, EMI Studios, London); on the May 20 they do location filming in the gardens of Chiswick House, Chiswick, London. The director for all of the promo films is Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The two color studio promos videotaped on May 19 are broadcast in the US on “The Ed Sullivan Show” on June 5. The three black and white studio promos are broadcast on “Ready, Steady, Go!” (June 3) and “Goodbye Lucky Stars,” the final broadcast of “Thank Your Lucky Stars” (June 25).

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