Rory Gallagher: Jinx


May 2, 1982  – Rory Gallagher: Jinx is released. *
# allmusic 4/5
Note: Some resources list April, 1982 as release date.
Jinx is the ninth studio release by Rory Gallagher, released on this date in May, 1982.
Two and a half years on and Rory returned to Germany to record ‘Jinx’. He enlisted some extra help for a few of the tracks including Saxophonist, Dick Parry who had already shown his abilities on Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, and Brinsley Schwarz keyboard player, Bob Andrews. Rory returned to his roots on the track ‘Ride On Red, Ride On’ originally recorder by and the little known but exceptionally talented Blues guitarist/harmonica player, Louisiana Red in 1963. This was to be Rory’s last album for over five years, although he did appear (playing guitar and sitar) on two albums by a band called Box Of Frogs which was made up of three ex-Yardbird members.
by Hal Horowitz, allmusic
Rory Gallagher sounds inspired throughout JInx, gamely leading new drummer Brendan O’Neill and keyboardist Bob Andrews through the blues-rock paces, even though the guitarist’s personal fortunes were on a downslide from which they would never recover. “Big Guns” and “Bourbon,” the album’s opening selections find Rory in full fiery form, tossing out muscular guitar lines and fiery solos with descriptive lyrics catering to his infatuation with American gangsters. The album also features two of his best, and least known, songs in the spooky, paranoid title track, complete with simmering sax section, boiling tom-tom drums as well as his own stealthy harmonica, and “Easy Come Easy Go,” a beautiful, bluesy ballad where Rory double tracks his acoustic and electric guitars. Gallagher’s tough vocals take on a new emotional depth not previously heard, and are particularly poignant throughout. Diving into the blues, Lightnin’ Slims’ “Nothin’ but the Devil,” one of the two songs added for this reissue, is an acoustic solo showpiece revealing Gallagher’s delta roots and substantial slide abilities. Louisiana Red’s “Ride On Red, Ride On” is a crackling double-time burner with Rory charging through with an appropriately whisky-soaked approach and a shimmering electric slide solo. Another extra track, “Lonely Mile,” a finished tune previously omitted due to the time restrictions of vinyl, is a worthy addition to Gallagher’s mid-tempo grinding rocker catalog. Although not his best album, Jinx is a tough and confident release, and it’s 2000 reappearance after being difficult to find for almost 20 years, especially in this pristine edition, is reason to rejoice for Rory Gallagher fans.
“Big Guns” – 3:28
“Bourbon” – 3:54
“Double Vision” – 4:51
“The Devil Made Me Do It” – 2:54
“Hell Cat” – 5:04
“Signals” – 4:37
“Jinxed” – 5:01
“Easy Come Easy Go” – 5:07
“Ride On Red, Ride On” – 4:19
“Loose Talk” – 3:52
CD track listing (remastered)
“Big Guns” – 3:34
“Bourbon” – 4:06
“Double Vision” – 5:07
“The Devil Made Me Do It” – 2:54
“Signals” – 4:46
“Jinxed” – 5:03
“Easy Come Easy Go” – 5:48
“Nothin’ but the Devil” – 3:12
“Ride On Red, Ride On” – 4:36
“Lonely Mile” – 4:40 *
“Loose Talk” – 4:08
*Due to the limitations of vinyl recordings, this track is not on the album release.

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