Lee Michaels: “Do You Know What I Mean"

MAY 1971 (41 YEARS AGO)
Lee Michaels: “Do You Know What I Mean” b/w “Keep The Circle Turning” (A&M 1262) 45 single is released in the US.
According to Lee Michaels “Do You Know What I Mean,” his biggest hit record, “has nothing to do with reality. I wrote it at 5:00 a.m. one morning, and it means anything to me.” Well, it may mean nothing to the writer, but the song is easily one of the great singles from the early ’70s. A powerful, Motown-inspired funk/soul groove drives the song from start to finish, and the groove is undeniably unforgettable. The simple melody is defined by Michaels’ classic overlaid keyboard overdubs, including harpsichord and pipe organ. The soulful vocal contains a memorable, wordless vocal hook (“Wooh!”) at the end of each chorus, which was mimicked by countless radio fans. Michaels’ only Top 40 record, the song is still a staple of classic rock radio.

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