Phil Ochs: “The War Is Over”

MAY 1968 (44 YEARS AGO)

Phil Ochs: “The War Is Over” b/w “The Harder They Fall” (A&M 932) Radio-promo only 45 single is released in the US.
“The War Is Over” is an anti-war song by Phil Ochs, a U.S. protest singer from the 1960s known for being a harsh critic of the American military-industrial establishment. The song has been described as “one of the most potent antiwar songs of the 1960s”. One of Ochs’ biographers wrote that “The War Is Over” is his “greatest act of bravery as a topical songwriter”.
A&M Records released “The War Is Over” as a single in 1968. The B-side of the single was “The Harder They Fall”, another song from Tape from California. The version of “The Harder They Fall” on the single is a rock version of the song that has never been released on any album or compilation.

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