Hank Mobley: Hank Mobley and His All Stars

MAY 1957 (55 YEARS AGO)
Hank Mobley: Hank Mobley and His All Stars is released.
# allmusic 4/5
Hank Mobley and his All Stars is an album by jazz saxophonist Hank Mobley released on the Blue Note label in May, 1957. It was recorded on January 13, 1957 and features performances by Mobley, Milt Jackson, Horace Silver, Doug Watkins and Art Blakey.
Hank Mobley : Tenor Saxophone
Milt Jackson : Vibes
Horace Silver : Piano
Doug Watkins : Bass
Art Blakey : Drums
by Scott Yanow
This CD is a straight reissue of a Hank Mobley LP that features the “Who’s Who” of late-’50s hard bop: the tenor-leader, vibraphonist Milt Jackson, pianist Horace Silver, bassist Doug Watkins and drummer Art Blakey. The quintet performs five Mobley compositions (best is the lyrical “Mobley’s Musings”), songs that are generally more interesting for their chord changes than for their melodies, which is probably why none of them became standards. One’s attention is constantly drawn to the inventive solos and Art Blakey’s roaring “accompaniment.” An above-average effort from some of the best.
1. Reunion : 6.58
2. Ultramarine : 10.40
3. Don’t Walk : 7.52
4. Lower Stratosphere : 6.44
5. Mobley’s Musings : 6.10

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