Peter Gabriel: “No Self Control”


May 10, 1980 – Peter Gabriel: “No Self Control” b/w “Lead a Normal Life” (Charisma CB 360) 45 singles was released in the UK.

“No Self Control” is a song written and performed by Peter Gabriel, the founder of the World of Music and Dance (WOMAD) Organization.  From his Peter Gabriel (#3 or melt album) – as with the other songs on the album, the lyrics are very dark, discussing what could be interpreted as either intense greed and lust or mental instability and decay of the psyche. Like “Intruder”, the previous song, it features a xylophone solo.
The song was notable for its guest musicians, Robert Fripp providing guitar, Phil Collins providing drums and Kate Bush providing backing vocals. Prior to the song being recorded for Peter Gabriel’s 1980 album, it was performed live by Gabriel under the working title “I don’t know how to stop”. A music video of the song was made and broadcast in 1980.

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