Night Ranger: 7 Wishes

May 15, 1985 – Night Ranger: 7 Wishes is released.
# allmusic 4/5
7 Wishes is the third studio album by the band Night Ranger, released on this date in May 1985 and produced by Pat Glasser.  it reached #10 on the Billboard Charts.
After taking a break from the recording/touring grind to let their breakthrough commercial success sink in, Night Ranger issued their third album, 7 Wishes, in 1985. While it didn’t contain a massive single comparable to “Sister Christian” (off their previous album, Midnight Madness), it kept Night Ranger’s string of platinum albums intact.
The best-known tracks remain the melodic popster “Sentimental Street,” the self-explanatory “The Boy Loves to Rock,” and an album closer that lies somewhere in between the two aforementioned tracks–“Goodbye.” Although Night Ranger appeared to be cruising with success, the band would abruptly break up after only one more release, 1988’s Big Life.
by Doug Stone, allmusic
Never understood why the boys dubbed their third record 7 Wishes and not 3 Wishes (maybe cause Shooting Star snagged the idea first); whatever the case, the title track, concerning a magic lamb, burns down one side and up the other. Same goes for heavy smoker “Interstate Love Affair,” a tune previewed in Teachers (They just don’t write ’em like that anymore). “Four in the Morning” (original title “I Can’t Take It No More”) contains some of Blades’ sharpest whiskey pontificating: “Tonight, tonight, tonight, this boy needs to rock!” At the end you get “Goodbye,” a beautiful memory-go-round of bitterness and sweetness. Blades reverts back to a school boy until the dynamic Gillis/Watson duo steps in trading scorching solos like the sun bursting through a hangover: “And all this could be such a dream so it seems/I was never much good at goodbye.” Amen.
“Seven Wishes” (Blades) 4:54
“Faces” (Keagy / Blades / Fitzgerald) 4:12
“Four in the Morning (I Can’t Take Anymore)” (Blades) 3:54
“I Need a Woman” (Blades) 4:40
“Sentimental Street” (Blades) 4:14
“This Boy Needs to Rock” (Blades / Gillis) 4:00
“I Will Follow You” (Fitzgerald / Blades) 4:16
“Interstate Love Affair” (Blades) 3:16
“Night Machine” (Blades / Keagy / Gillis) 4:34
“Goodbye” (Watson / Blades) 4:22

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