Aerosmith: “Sweet Emotion”

MAY 1975 (37 YEARS AGO)
Aerosmith: “Sweet Emotion [Mono]” b/w “Sweet Emotion [Stereo] (Columbia 3-10155) promo only 45 single is released in the US to radio stations
“Sweet Emotion” is a song by American rock band Aerosmith, released by Columbia Records in April 1975 on the album Toys in the Attic and was released as a single a month later on May 19th The song began a string of pop hits and large-scale mainstream success for the band that would continue for the remainder of the 1970s. The song was written by lead singer Steven Tyler and bassist Tom Hamilton.
“Sweet Emotion” was released as a single in 1975, and peaked at No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the band’s breakthrough single and the first Top 40 hit for the band. The day it hit No. 36 on the U.S. chart, July 19, 1975, Aerosmith was booked at a gig in New York City’s Central Park, called the Schaefer Music Festival. The song was so successful that the band decided to ride the heels of success and re-release their first single, “Dream On”, which had originally charted at No. 59 in 1973. The re-released version went on to hit No. 6, the highest chart performance in the 1970s for the band.

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