Poco: Rose of Cimarron

May 29, 1976 – Poco: Rose of Cimarron is released.
# Allmusic 3/5 stars
I really, truly need some help here…. Poco.  I may not be in the majority by having “A Good Feelin’ to Know” as a island pick (or whatever they are called these days), but what is up with the continuous middling reviews and under appreciation of this band?
Ok, I will admit that I started to listen to them beginning with “Good Feelin'”) and it was released on my 13th birthday, but even so, there is nary a release by Poco I have not liked…. “Rose of Cimarron” is just another example.  Help?
Rose Of Cimarron is the 11th album by Poco, released on this date in May 1976.
This is the final album from the Poco lineup featuring Rusty Young, Paul Cotton and Timothy B. Schmidt (just before his departure for the Eagles). The set is regarded by many aficionados as one of the best albums of the “Southern California sound”. The title track would be borrowed by Emmylou Harris in 1981 for the title of her own “Cimarron” album. Former Loggins & Messina sax/fiddle player Al Garth joined the band to record this album, but left shortly after due to internal conflicts.
Rose of Cimarron was the followup the well received Head Over Heels.  The album has a decidedly more country flavor from it’s more pop oriented predecessor which may be part of the reason the record was less successful.  Another reason is that some of the songs or arrangements are not as strong.  While the album contains some of the best material in their long career (“Too Many Nights Too Long”, “Starin’ At the Sky”, and the title track), some are not of their usual high standard.  “Company’s Coming / Slowpoke” weighs the album down, and the arrangements of Cotton’s “P.N.S (When You Come Around” and “All Alone Together” don’t do the songs justice.  Still, the joyous “Stealaway” could have been a great single in the summer of ’76.  Nonetheless, the wonderful vocal blend of Cotton, Schmit and Grantham remains one of the great unheraled joys of pop music.
“Rose of Cimarron” (Rusty Young) – 6:42
“Stealaway” (Rusty Young) – 3:12
“Just Like Me” (Timothy B. Schmit) – 2:45
“Company’s Comin’” (Rusty Young) – 2:39
“Slow Poke” (Rusty Young) – 2:04
“Too Many Nights Too Long” (Paul Cotton) – 5:59
“P.N.S. (When You Come Around)” (Paul Cotton) – 3:15
“Starin’ At The Sky” (Timothy B. Schmit, John “Juke” Logan) – 2:58
“All Alone Together” (Paul Cotton) – 3:21
“Tulsa Turnaround” (Paul Cotton) – 2:40

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